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Re: GL4ES: another OpenGL over OpenGLES2 emulation - some tech. info and porting progress

Subject: Re: GL4ES: another OpenGL over OpenGLES2 emulation - some tech. info and porting progress
by Daytona675x on 2019/3/28 10:15:51

If the same VBO is reused for multiple quads/tri-fans but the offset/indices used get out of sync with the vertex data, then it might cause what we're seeing.

This could be something indeed.
It is not likely that the primitive type is the culprit, even if some (I didn't read everything, too much **) of kas1e's tests seem to point into that direction. If it was we'd see broken stuff much more often than we do. And a bug at that area is extremely unlikely in ogles2 and Nova because both don't do anything depending on the primitive type. A bug in the gl4es' primitive conversion / merging appeared not impossible (wasn't there one in the merger before?), but also rather unlikely, I suppose it would have been found by now. And the latest tests seem ** to rule that out.
A wrong starting index however (or maybe more likely, data copied to the wrong offset) would explain all symptoms. Well, almost: changing the numerical value of the edge size shouldn't make a difference, but maybe I overread or misunderstood something here.

So everyone point by finger on another one. Is there any way for me , not having sources of ogles, or warp3dnova to fix anything ?:) It all start to feels like crap when none of devs want to deal with.

Calm down.
No, you can't fix anything. You only can throw stuff to us as you do and wait and hope for the best.
It is nonsense to say that "none of devs want to deal with". We fixed / improved / extended so much in the past, so please.

However, believe it or not, I at least also have other things to do. I spent hours on this forum alone the last two weeks on multiple 3D lib coding topics. But even if it was my fulltime-job (and it is not): this stuff takes time, especially if it's weird stuff like this one here.

If you look back you will eventually notice that we all made mistakes in the past and that every aspect, be it gl4es, ogles2, nova or even the game in question already turned out to be the cause of trouble at the end. So please spare us such "everybody points to the other" crap. We are all thinking loud here, brainstorming, and if sb. of us thinks that this or that is likely (not) the cause, then he doesn't say so because he cannot admit a mistake on his side.

IMHO, to improve readability here and to make it easier to follow and to keep track, it would be best if you'd merge your posts. I mean, instead of writing 5 posts 499 to 503, it would probably be better to only write one and edit / extend it, until somebody answers.

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