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Re: Updater tool: latest releases and updates

Subject: Re: Updater tool: latest releases and updates
by trixie on 2021/1/9 7:27:03


correct me if I am wrong but if you open a library then you should check for the version. This is afaik how it is supposed to be done on amigaos.

You're right, such a check should be in place. I can see three reasons why it is not always the case:

1) The OpenLibrary() and OpenClass() functions only take the library/class version as parameter, not the revision. It needs an extra step to check for the revision, and some devs just don't bother to take it.

2) BOOPSI classes have seen rather tumultuous development in the past years, so it's easy for the programmer to lose track of which version of the class introduced which feature.

3) Many of the examples in the SDK link the program with -lauto, which opens the libraries for you (but without any version checking - it simply opens whatever is available) for the sake of making the code shorter. As the examples have served as learning material, new programmers might have inadvertently picked up a bad practice that is not recommended for serious software development.

Don't know how this works with classes and shared object (.so).

It's the same with classes because they are implemented as libraries. Not sure how you're supposed to check the version of shared objects because I never use them.

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