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Re: Format & Quick format Edit: + U-boot messages gone

Subject: Re: Format & Quick format Edit: + U-boot messages gone
by ChrisH on 2017/8/24 7:34:01

@Elwood Quote:
If you use SFS as a filesystem you *must* use a 512 bytes blocksize.

That's the official line, and you are entirely on your own if you try anything else...

... however, I had no choice except to use a 1024 (or was it 2048) block size with SFS2, so that I could create a big enough partition for my large HD. I've *never* had any problem, despite heavy usage.

It's also worth mentioning that SFS *used* to support non-512 block sizes, and they only removed official support for that later. I don't know why, although there was presumably a good reason!

@JosDuchIt Quote:
I did read the suggestion about block size 512 somewhere, so I started using that block size, later when problems occurred and as during installation,when you format the partition, 1024 is proposed by mediatoobox, I did try that block size. It was neither better or worse I think

Since your drive uses Advanced Format (aka 4K Sectors), I suggest that you try using 4096 block size. It shouldn't make any difference (except for performance), but it's at least worth a try. If no improvement then go back to 512 block size.

I think FFS probably officially works any block size (including 4096), but I could be wrong. NGFS probably also supports any block size, but again I could be wrong.

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