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Re: Enhancer Bug thread

Subject: Re: Enhancer Bug thread
by Raziel on 2019/7/16 15:39:52



So far as I can tell there can be only one 'percentage' notification for any given app, as there is no way to specify which notification to modify the percentage of, so it might make sense to fix the title text and image ignoring those tags for a notification with updating prgress bar.

I don't know the inner workings of Notification or it's PERCENTAGE handling, but the bold quote is not true imho.
You can clearly se (and test) that EVERY PERCENTAGE bar gets addressed seperately, even with it's unique percentage number


'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=5 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Development.png
IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Development: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=55 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Games.png
IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Games: partition...'

I figured it works just like the progress "bar" of AmigaOS' installer, the user has to explicitely give the percentage number to the install script to make it display that explicit number.

So, why not simply detach the PERCENTAGE bar from a given app's Notification and instead force it to be drawn (and released) completely on every Notification command/instance?
That would also make the fact much more logical that the PERCENTAGE switch has to be set on every PERCENTAGE bar update (...or so i understand it's working...)

Because the PERCENTAGE switch used without any number will simply draw a PERCENTAGE bar with "0%", so there is not even some "automagically" progress thats calculated in the background.
It needs to be told everything it should display.
I'd say treat PERCENTAGE the same as the IMG switch, let it get updated by UPDATE and draw it completely new on every Notification event.

Also, since i believe i.e. Updater uses the new Enhancer class (i think it's called "ProgressBar.gadget") to display a "true" interactive ProgressBar inside a Notification window, the PERCENTAGE switch should probably stay what it is, a switch that has to be called everytime a Notification is sent.

Does that make any sense to you?

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