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Re: Enhancer Bug thread

Subject: Re: Enhancer Bug thread
by Raziel on 2019/7/7 11:55:21


Notifications 53.72 (01.07.2017)
NotificationServer 53.72 (01.07.2017)

So i found a bunch of issues and glitches in Notification today while writing a script to automate BackUps.
I will add the (important parts of the) arexx script to the bottom that shows off all the different issues.

1) ICON image sent to oblivion?
The readme says:

REGISTERAPP APP/K, AREXXPORT/K, ICON/K, TEXT/F - This command register a new application with the server

APP/K = application name (mandatory)
AREXXPORT = application AREXX port to be used in case of "back" message (optional)
ICON = full path to the application icon, without the ".info" appendix, to be used in the preference editor (optional)
TEXT = a short message describing the application purpose

Where in the Preference Editor is this icon used?
I haven't found a single icon connected to any of the (Notification) Prefs entries.
Maybe i'm looking at the wrong place?

2) PERCENTAGE switch
While PERCENTAGE is a cool feature it completely kills the UPDATE switch in regards of image and Notification window size changes, because once PERCENTAGE is in place the icon already used stays the same with every new UPDTAEd Notification, only the UPDATEd message text will be changed.

3) PERCENTAGE switch again
Once PERCENTAGE is in place and displayed ONCE, all following UPDATEd Notification windows on the same APP are locked to the first size of the window, making every followup text be drawn underneath the PERCENTAGE bar and as thus unreadable.

4) PERCENTAGE switch once more
If you have set the Prefs to replay a sound (Global Sound in the Popup settings) once a Notification message comes up, this sound will also be eaten if PERCENTAGE is in place.

So, to sum it up...if PERCENTAGE is in place ONLY the message text will be UPDATEd while all other UPDATEs will be skipped!

5) Drawing issue
If you keep your mouse cursor over the "X" button of the Notification window and an UPDATEd Notification comes up, the "X" button will get cut by 1 pixel on it's bottom. Drawn over by the text field that gets updated i guess?


Saving start time

'REGISTERAPP APP=System_BackUp ICON=Tools:System/Scripts/data/BackUp.png System_BackUp'

Backing up the system

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/BackUp.png
PERCENTAGE=10 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on System: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Tools.png
PERCENTAGE=20 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Tools: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=5 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Development.png
PERCENTAGE=30 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Development: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=55 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Games.png
PERCENTAGE=60 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Games: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=75 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Storage.png
PERCENTAGE=90 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Storage: partition...'

'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=95 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/Cache.png
PERCENTAGE=100 IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" Working on Cache: partition...'

Saving stop time
Computing passed time
'RINGHIO APP=System_BackUp UPDATE PERCENTAGE=100 PRI=10 IMG=Tools:System/Scripts/data/BackUp.png
IMGVALIGN=0 NOLOG TITLE="BackUp" System-wide backup finished... It took '
time_passed' minute(s) to complete.'

The first two Notification windows work like they should.
The change size and icon.
The third one and all following will stay at the size of the second window, not change it's icon and not change it's size with the last window having the PERCENTAGE bar overdraw the text.

edit: Update and wording

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