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Re: Enhancer Bug thread

Subject: Re: Enhancer Bug thread
by broadblues on 2017/5/15 19:12:08


Honestly kas1e is it could be fixed by adding a few "usuall "debug printf" " then it would fixed by now

Something somewhere, and I've searched through the code many times, is trashing the pointers in the array of images, causing either crash on exit or a crash on startup depending abit on when the trash occurs, it's random, it occurs for every datatype except PICTURE datatypes, (which are handled by a different branch in the code) the fact that people associated it woth text is just that text is the most common data opened in MultiView(er)

It seems to vary from build to build which doesn't help matters, my most recent build just ran 100 times with no crash. (test script) but as I didn't fix it explicitly youcan be sure it's still there.

Working on it is all I can say.


You know where the code is if you want point out my obvious mistake all help greatly received

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