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Re: Workbench Explorer feedback

Subject: Re: Workbench Explorer feedback
by kas1e on 2017/5/4 11:27:22

Tried yesterday

For me there wasn't long delay at startup. That probably because i don't have installed full AISS (usually, those ones who use let's say FFS boot partition and install AISS on it, then many apps using AISS slow downs on start for about 20-30 seconds). Maybe that not the case, but worth of invistigating.

The perfomance issue i notice, is that when i resize main window, it something did't resizes fast. I can see how whole window resizes, then white areas, and only after content.

Also, one time when i press on close gadget, it didn't closes. It waiting for something for long time, and only after that closes.

Imho that all, and long startup can be as some "semaphore/input/tasks" handlers.

In whole it works, and looks positive, but if there is possible to ask for some changes, then:

1. Remove that area where icon placed. The take too much space, and basically, better as it in filler : user just choice "show icons" in settings, and then all dirs and files looks as they should. Currently does not matter what i try, it always non-icon ones in lister, and only shows in that icon-area at bottom-left.

2. Add "show as icon" in lister.

3. To be able to "open in workbench" without needs to mark directory, but as in Filer : you just point mouse on the current lister, choice "open in workbench" and it open what is currently open in lister.

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