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Re: Application Naming

Subject: Re: Application Naming
by LiveForIt on 2017/2/18 10:45:27


"Since I don't see the Amiga changes merged back into the main repository what is considered the generally accepted naming."

So you did not make changes, and you say you ported it? ha ha…

The definition of porting is make changes to make it work on different system in your case you just recompiled it.

I don't know what compiler you taking about, but if was vasm.

I compiled VASM the other day, the only changes I made was in the makefiles..

So the compiler should produce the binaries I need, (HUNK/680x0).

I compiled VSAM with GCC, so the result is a
PPC/ELF compiler producing 680x0/HUNK files.

The normal version of VASM.

Is a PPC/ELF compiler that produces PPC/ELF binraries.
or 680x0/HUNK compiler that produces 680x0/HUNK binraries

Because I did not produce a normal vasm, it find it useful to name it some thing else "AmigaOS4_Cross_Compiler_vasmm68k_mot".

I was going to push back git-hub but have not, I was not sure it was the right place to make the changes.
If you managed to compile vasm from my repo without the changes, then well I guess you did not need it anyway.

Or might just downloaded the compiled vasm version from, my hippoplayer fork.

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