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Re: Amiga Security Faq

Subject: Re: Amiga Security Faq
by Mitch on 2006/12/3 7:57:54


1.3 Data privacy

Information on your machine that you might fill out for just one site could be used on another. A recent attack allowed the contents of a clipboard to be used on Internet Explorer and that be sent to a remote site. Cookies are another long standing bone of contention for users but so are automatic form fillouts ( the information is held somewhere on your system ) for userids and passwords. Simpler privacy exposures can include Spyware ( that deliberately tracks usage patterns and reports them to a remote location ) or something just as simple as something that tracks your search strings and suggests alternatives.

1.4 General

The most important advice is to identify what type of risks you are currently exposed to and keep an eye on the security alerts that come around for that software. This cannot be under-emphasised because your typical cracker ( or the more clueless version who just uses existing scripts known dismissively as a ?script-kiddie? ) will be reading these alerts too and be waiting to expose your computer if they can.

Don't get overly paranoid if you can help it, don't let it suck out all enjoyment of using your Amiga online or offline but just be very aware that if someone finds they can do something unpleasant to someone else online they are going to do it.

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