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Re: SMTube : new version on OS4Depot

Subject: Re: SMTube : new version on OS4Depot
by zzd10h on 2014/12/19 6:50:31

how to setup Qt and SMTube

SMTube is a standalone software, no need to have Odyssey to use it.
SMTube is a video viewer, therefore it doesn't use ffmpeg but MPlayer.

1) download the most recent Qt libs in the qt4.7-0.9.1-minimal.tar.gz package here :


and copy the libs/* and new Prefs/Qt program

2) DON'T FORGET to download the latest Qt libQtCore from Alfkill and to install it in your Qt:Lib drawer

http://sourceforge.net/projects/qtami ... bQtCore.so.4.7.0/download

3) go in Prefs/Qt and check "Native Paint Engine" in Painting tab to avoid to use OpenGL.
All others options are unchecked (at least on my system).
you can too, put the 2 first characters of your Locale in the "default language". "fr" for French for me

4) Read the SMTube ReadMe of course to customize the Amiga/PlayVideo.rexx

if you have a x1000/SAM460 without overlay, the Liveforit MPlayer (or MickJT SDL one) is the best MPlayer version.

5) go to os4depot and download Liveforit-Mplayer

6) put mplayer-altivec where you want and double-click once on it (to populate the APPDIR:mplayer-altivec)

7) in PlayVideo.rexx :

-change MPLAYER = "APPDIR:MPlayer" to MPLAYER = "APPDIR:MPlayer-altivec"

-uncomment the first MPLAYER_OPTIONS
"MPLAYER_OPTIONS = "-cache 8192 -cache-min 20 -autoq 100 -autosync 30"

8) now you can start SMTube

9) hit the little screwdiver button at bottom of SMTube

-configure the quality of recording videos (720p MP4 for example) and Streaming Videos (480p webm)

Now you should be able to double-click on videos.

Update ;
If a video doesn't play you can try to force SMTube to update his YouTube script.

-delete Qt:home/.config/smtube/yt.js
-retry to watch the failing video.
-an updated SMTube YouTube code is downloaded.
-retry and enjoy !

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