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Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"

Subject: Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"
by Atheist on 2014/5/16 12:33:48

Hi Everyone!!!

The way I see it is....

Amiga has stumbled and fallen. (In 1994 and ~1996.)

The second time, it was in no way, shape, or form enhanced!!!! It was the same OLD OLD technology from 1992.

Now what we have is a "rag tag team of stubborn zealots, pushing forward through a desert, at night in a sandstorm...."

And just who or what is "the competition"?

Well, windos has spent probably $100,000,000,000 on software coding. Yes, one hundred billion dollars US. Probably double that, even. And guess what, they have yet to make a product I want to use WILLINGLY. And if you add in all of the software from productivity and games outside of ms, well, that's just a number so high that a 32 bit CPU can't reach. And the other competition is Apple; they have $150,000,000,000 in cash reserves!!!!! That's right, one hundred fifty billion $$$ US! And the other, other competition??? One) they've been coding since 1992, and two) they have probably in the neighbourhood of 50,000 coders!!!!!!!!

Choice number two is over priced, and does NOT work as computers were first intended to. And that SEVERELY over priced "toy" yes, "toy", IpAD, does NOT impress me at all. (As long as it isn't AOS on there.)

Linux, still too complicated to use TO THIS DAY (20+ years later!!!), and doesn't have features that AOS has. Namely, the operating system is TOO BIG (and many, MANY other problems.)

Can you imagine that? ALL OF THAT going AGAINST Amiga, and I still want to use Amiga? They are SERIOUSLY doing something WRONG, or Amiga is just too damn right!

Many people think that I'm crazed, but why is it too much to ask for at least ONE electronic device, to "start" and "stop" at the press of a button? And to do what YOU want it to do? We are "living in the future" since 1985, when the first Amiga became available. Seems to me that, none of those other people are aware of that yet.

Question is, do they deserve my pity?

You know what? From the way I see it.... We are doing REALLY REALLY REALLY well.

We probably have the highest ratio of programmers to users, too. That's pretty cool, I say.

I will get the new fastest Cyrus that A-Eon make. I don't know when I'll be able to afford to buy it, but the day that I can, that is the same day that I will place my order.

Any company, coder, and/or user that is here, or was, impresses me immensely, well, unless after leaving they turn against us, that is.

I have to say, and I think it's okay to bring it up here, I do look forward to the Apollo Amiga old school computer becoming commercially available. It's basically what the NatAmi was going to be. That WILL bring Amigans out of the wood work. It will sell over 5,000 in 2 years. I hope that Hyperion will want to use the AOS3 source code they have and release a new version for it. For that to work, the two need to be released at the same time so that every Apollo motherboard purchased comes with the official AOS3.? upgrade.

What I'm saying is, I am "in" 4 the long, loooong haul!

P.S. It bothered me too, that we didn't find out about the netbook being cancelled for a long long time. However, look at the 3 competitors' capabilities. We are a speck of dust. Again I say, we are doing exceptionally good.

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