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Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"

Subject: Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"
by LyleHaze on 2014/5/16 0:24:33


ddni said:
"With regards to moving in the direction of being able to help. I am a user and accepted long ago that my ability to code will never get beyond BASIC."

I am sorry if that sounded rude.
I know we are not all developers, for whatever reason.

I _am_ guilty of saying "Go download a compiler", but I usually reserve that for people who tell me "I can't write any code, My contribution is to tell the programmers what they should be doing.".. as far as I know that's not you.

What I should have said, if I were taking more time as I should have.. We all care a LOT about AmigaOS.. Many of us wish something or other was different. We can focus that desire in either direction.. either promoting positive things, or complaining about the things we don't like.

I'll make a few examples, hopefully without pissing anyone off.
Have you heard of Epsilon? As far as I know, he's not a programmer. And I believe it's safe to say he is an "enthusiastic member of the community".. I don't know how much time he spends putting his blogs together, but there is little doubt that he is promoting the entire community in a positive way.
In truth I have never met him. I am making guesses based purely on what he adds to "us", the Amiga community. We are damn lucky to have him.
There are other ways to help as well. Any time a programmer is working on something that will not be part of the OS, he needs to find his own Beta testers. I put together a short list of folks that play with MIDI gear when I was working on CAMD things.. they were all really helpful.
Another example.. Many programmers write great code, but are loathe to document anything. If there is a program you are familiar with that has sucky or no documents, ask the author if you can write some. If there's no place to keep those documents, ask Steve if you can keep them on the Doc Wiki. He just might grant you editing rights.

Maybe my whole point is poorly made. I am not really trying to push anyone into servitude.. I was really just pointing out that the actions we each take can promote the greater good, or not. If you're going to expend lots of energy, you might want to check which direction you're pointing towards at the time. That's all I am saying.

I never intended this to become a soapbox speech, and it's NOT aimed at anyone in particular. I have no axe to grind with anyone posting in this thread... I'm just talking too much.


Hoping I pulled my foot out of my mouth instead of sticking it in deeper,

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