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Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"

Subject: Re: SSolie quote - "Warp3D is going away"
by AmigaSociety on 2014/5/15 22:40:58


Well said Mike.... same for Lyle.... all good words.

My 2 cents....
What it seems to me is the small Amiga platform that we enjoy as a hobby, the few that actually own the product in our discussions.... the Hyperion's and A-Eons, etc.... seem to keep any left "feel good" about days gone by where holding onto secrets until revealed at big trade shows like CES, and even the great smaller shows (big though for the time) Amiga shows.

Seems like an Apple move where they have something they want no one else to know about and trade secrets are kept in Steve Jobs locked box until the last minute.

As cool as Amiga is, and I have come to see, those days are gone. I am sure Hyperion (or they should) see no real money is left in AMiga OS (at least that I see). Nothing like Apple or Samsung with phones, etc...

It is a Hobby OS for Hobby Boxes. A-Eon is doing a kick ass job making new gear but I doubt Trevor and Matthew are doing it to make real huge bucks. If they can pay the bills and get by I think is all they see.

Why Hyperion at this point wants to keep super secret on anything is beyond me. It is the users and developers it seems to me keeping the boat moving and the small Amiga market alive.

If you tell the world about something.... Warp 3D we are working on, or whatever, it just seems to make most sense to offer progress reports, even if it means very limited (we are working on it still but no new news when it will come). Keeping everyone in the dark in such a small market seems to upset more than I think what the owner will gain back.

My moto with customer service is.... if you call me at 4:59, 1 minute before closing for the day, I will still call customer back even if it is to say "thank you for calling. Your issue will take a little longer to get figured out and we are now closing for the day. We will call you back 1st thing in the morning and see what we can do".

Common sense. Common caring. No secrets. That is just silly stuff from an era gone by.

My 2 cents is not singling out any of the folks offering their free time, developers, etc.... it is targeted at those like Hyperion, A-Eon, A-Cube, etc.... You make nice stuff... thank you so much for doing so.... But, this is 2014 and not 1985.... no one is after your trade secrets. You are working on getting tha 2nd core working in a $3K computer or getting 3D to work.... awesome..... keep at it... but no need to be so secret about it. Just let folks know if she is still being worked on, and progress reports you want to share, and if non, fine.... but let folks know if cancelled or on backburner, etc...

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