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unarc, xadmaster and co

Subject: unarc, xadmaster and co
by kas1e on 2014/5/14 13:25:57

Have some theoretical questions:

1. Is UNARC use xadmaster + all those xad clients placed in the libs:xad/ ?

2. What UNARC use to unpack .lha archive, if, i do not have in the libs:xad/LHA client ?

What is make me wonder, is that we do have some newer .lha archives (packed on unixes, etc) from time to time, and while my UNARC always extract them fine , dopus4 show me some garbage files in some directories, and command for dopus4 was:



So dopus4 cleary use xad and show me few garbage-files in newer lha archives, but UNARC unpack them always fine. But how dopu4 even unpack lha files, if i didn't have xad lha client for example at all ?

I.e. if i do not have libs:xad/LHA at all, still, dopus4 unpack other lha files , and UNARC unpack _all_ lha files well. How it can be, if i didn't have libs:xad/LHA ?

Now, once i install new xad lha client, dopus4 show all fine and all works fine, but then , how it works before without module at all, and while UNARC works fine before too ?

Is they both use C:lha for unpacking when there is no xad client for ? And why there differences between unarc and dopus4 unpacks when there is none ?

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