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Re: Basilisk 1.0 beta testing

Subject: Re: Basilisk 1.0 beta testing
by LiveForIt on 2013/10/16 2:08:16


This is what I know about your crash..

function op_2010_0() emulates:
MOVE.L (An),Dn

some how get_disp_ea_020(), it does not look like it called from there but it most likely a marco,
get_disp_ea_020() some how calles do_get_mem_long()

does nothing but return the content of what is on the address, it does not convert the address or anything like that.

R9 is 0x522AC460

when it crashes at lwz r0,0(r9)

What I do not know is what MacOS was doing when it was running MOVE.L, and I do not know what 0x522AC460 is.

Failure to read from 0x522AC460, means the memory was not allocated, so was it the wrong address? Was it because of a failure to allocate memory.

And we do not have memory MAP of the emulated MAC, this is problem, so we can't se if it was memory bonedry that was read outside of.

The rest of the crash log, Devices and Libraries, AGP, Stack, 680x0, FPR registers.
Are generally useless information.
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