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Re: AmigaOS and web browsing in 2013

Subject: Re: AmigaOS and web browsing in 2013
by ChrisH on 2013/11/15 8:58:38

After the recent off-topic diversion, I hope that the following important-but-unanswered posts are not forgotten:

broadblues wrote Quote:

@Fab Quote:
WebKit is really huge and quite painful to merge, considering the project activity (>10000 commits in a couple months, many API changes, regressions with bigendian architectures and so on...). If i want to do actual work on it, given my spare time, i really can't afford sync'ing x repositories everytime i merge WebKit. So, future versions will come as a tarball of the actual state, and that's it.

Ofcourse you would not want to merger with x separate repositories, you would run one central repository with code that compiles for all three (or how ever many) flavours.

Kas1e wrote Quote:

@Fab Quote:
Should i state once again that you actually got my curl changes about multithreading?

I am not about curl only, and not about that you privately give me already. I am about release it to public, just "curlXXXX_mos.tgz", so anyone will use it for anything else, and trying to port it to whatever they want. I will have no needs to say to anyone "i have sources from fab, but i do not know if i can send them to you", as they will be public, and on your page.

If you can't make it work, it's not my fault

Its fault of roadshow, as i say once again and all the time everywhere too (and olaf noted about of course , half of year ago).

Curl just as example of 3d party open source libs, which better to open the same as all others : just in main archive some directory like "3d party open source libs", in which "CurlXXXX_mos.tgz", "fontconfig_xxxx_mos.tgz", "pixman_xxxx_mos.tgz" , "cairo_xxxx_mos.tgz". Why anyone should worry about those sucking "amiga native patches" in fontconfig, if you already deal with it ? Why give porters unnecessary work (even trivial one) ?

Does not matter how all of them easy or hard or trivial or anything. Its just will be better to have it all from you one time, in one archive or whatever, so no one will need to ask you about details, no one will need to do those trivial things for yourself.

I.e. point is to put everything what have any single change in open source libraries open for everyone, publicaly, without sending them privately or anything like that.

I mean, pure classic opening of everything where changes have place. Just pack it all and upload as well later, so no one will have needs to ask you about "what and how you change", "what callback and where and why". I am not about me now, i am about any other person who will want try to port it later, and those persons for sure have no interest to contact with you, me, anyone else, they will want to work just on their own , without needs to steam for questions.

Imho its all "trivial" and understandable, the more you open, the less works for everyone later.


In other words, plz, pack later everything and release. Without saying how trivial is it. Not for me, but for everyone. That the point.

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