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Updates of FastView, SysMon, FastCompress and NetDock

Subject: Updates of FastView, SysMon, FastCompress and NetDock
by zzd10h on 2013/6/6 15:06:44

just to inform that new versions of FastView, SysMon, FastCompress and NetDock
are on OS4Depot.

SysMon 3.3

* Added a new tab showing system Locks
(new TOOLTYPE added : AUTOLOCK which will activate the auto refresh function at
startup for this tab).

SysMon on OS4Depot

FastCompress 1.9

* Added new icon TOOLTYPE if you want *.info files to be created
ICON=ON will create an *.info file after compression (default).
ICON=OFF will not create any *.info file.

Suggestion from DaveyW

FastCompress on OS4Depot

NetDock 50.7

* Increased width of the docky in order to display IP adresses larger than
13 characters and to display uptimes longer than 24 hours.

Thanks to Daniel J 'DWolfman' Andrea for this bug report.

NetDock on OS4Depot

FastView 1.3

* Fixed a bug causing the picture to be displayed even when a mouse button click
was done outside of the thumbnail

* Added "RegisterGroup" in order to display standard picture informations, EXIF
informations and some other options.
Thanks to Javier de La Rivas for the suggestion

* Added the possibilty to rename a file directly by editing the filename below
the thumbnail. Hit "Enter" to validate the change.
Thanks to 'Joan" Banis for the suggestion

* You can now select multiple pictures in order to facilitate any remove/delete

* Added the possibility to remove one entry or multiple entries from the list by
pressing the Delete key. File will not be deleted (it will only be removed from
the list).
Thanks to Jesus 'YesCop" Fernandez for the suggestion.

* A new tab Options has been added. You can now maximize the background (tick
the checkbox) window to fit the whole screen thus Fastview will not close the
Window when a new picture is loaded (no flickering). A new TOOLTYPE has been
added (FIXED_BACK=ON or OFF).
Thanks to Joel 'Joeled' Edberg for this suggestion

* A new button has been added to set the picture to become your WB's wallpaper
(option was only present in the contextual menu).

* Added a new Slideshow tab

* Here are the options for the slideshow :

- Interval time in seconds
- Full size display
- Loop (off by default, if ON pictures will be displayed indefinitely)
- Maximize background (new TOOLTYPE : FIXED_BACK_SLIDE=ON or OFF)

* While picture are displayed :

- ESC to stop slideshow (this won't close the picture, only stop the slideshow.
A second hit on ESC or double click will close the picture).
- Hit space to continue the slideshow if paused.
- Hit Return or double click to stop the slideshow and close the displayed
- Hit arrow down or arrow up to display previous or next picture without
Thanks to Jesus 'YesCop' Fernandez for the suggestion

FastView on OS4Depot

If you have suggestions or ideas (that I'm able to implement) for future versions, don't hesitate...

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