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Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!

Subject: Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!
by kas1e on 2013/7/10 9:53:50


Xenic seems loose motivation at moment, because for what he can, he do everything. He fix lately bunch of bugs (see first post in that topic where "done for now" ).

For now, there is just 1 problem left for os3 compile which prevent it for release, and 2 problems for os4/mos versions (for morphos maybe more, i didn't test it heavy).

For os3 there is some garbage in requesters sometime, Xenic think it is because of something with A4/A5 registers based functions and data which we throw to it , but in general not him , not me know why it happens, so some help can be pretty. It can be just our assembler stubs for those functions wrong, or some stdargs based stuff related to it wrong, or anything else (to be checked).

For os4/mos, there 2 bugs/problems left which prevent release:

1. ftp.module normal port (for now only os4 version done, and not fully, i port and fix as much as i can in it as non-programmer, but need some help from skilled ones)

2. some mambo-jambo when some of 68k modules do not works with os4/mos native lib/binary.

I assume os4/mos problems will be fixed once Ikka will back from USA, and as for os3 version, i will wait for some time, and if no one will worry about it or trying to help normally (i mean normally), i will try to sort it myself (while do not want to do that, because as i say i am not good programmer and will loose more time on it for sure).

If you in interest, i can prepare os3 release, which will be fully gcc one, just 2 modules will be original/sasc ones: confgiopus.module and ftp.module. At least by that we can check whole package and maybe found some other bugs.
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