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Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!

Subject: Re: Opus Magellan source is free now!
by broadblues on 2013/4/6 16:17:43



Native library with all the fixes now done.


Only one small bit left: need add 68k traps to the workbench patches , so they will works just like they works in os3/68k version of library. As Itix says, for OS4 this 68k approach is not 100% correct and we should use SetMethod() instead to patch interface directly and not library vectors in front of it. However if we "just" will add 68k traps, all will works the same as from 68k library.

Itix is right it wont work like that. PPC code will never see those traps. So your patched library vectors will only be seen by 68k code. You will see a lot of spurious bugs if you don't take that bit of time to do it properly.

Patching workbench was always where DOpus fell down for me, it regularly broke new functionality in the old days, eg animateable icons introduced (but rarely used) in 3.5 broke until DOpus was fixed. Workbench has had alot more changes since then, even if not the rewrite that many would like, so getting the patching bit right is important for your project.

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