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Re: AmiSystemRestore - beta testers wanted!

Subject: Re: AmiSystemRestore - beta testers wanted!
by ChrisH on 2011/9/3 13:19:28

I have a couple of suggestions for the current viewing model:
-use some sort of "treeview" style which summarizes by day/week/month (via options) -you can then open a particular day or week or month to see the changes from that period

Hmmm, a tree view is probably out of the question, but it might be possible to show a list of months then days, so that you could 'burrow down' to the right date quickly. The main problem is that dates are only stored in human-readable format as specified by the user's Locale preferences, so parsing that back might be difficult...

In addition, it would be nice if this could be integrated into the installation system somehow. This would enable creating a "named" install (i.e. "Firefox 4.01") and provide for a generic uninstall solution.

I'm not sure exactlywhat you are asking for, but ASR already 'patches' the official Installer (and AmiUpdate too) to automatically created sensibly named restore points. I guess a bit more info (like a version number) might be useful...

Also some way to tag all updates into one "event" for AmiSystemRestore. I have some suggestions for AmiSystemRestore as well: -instead of showing a file-by-file list, summarize by date -also need some way of grouping updates so a single installer-driven update can be rolled back easily with a human-readable description

Not sure what you mean here. ASR already groups things by date & installer events, not by individual files. If my screenshot looks like it is only covering single libraries, that is because that is how AmiUpdate handles those libraries.

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