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Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide

Subject: Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide
by hotrod on 2015/1/13 5:33:52

So I gave this a try again, haven't done that in a couple of years. As usual, following this guide it works fine with software rendering but I thought that since AOS 4.1 FE is here I should try Warp3D and what a horrible experience it was :( .

The menus looked ehm... I've never tried LSD or drugs at all but they talk about seeing colours so... that's what it looked like.

Then the game started and there it looked better but man was it sloooooow! And no it wasn't perfect, glitches everywhere.

So... I'm not trying to insult anyone but seeing how much work that's been put to Warp3D and the fact that it will be replaced eventually, shouldn't it be more compatible with the older games written using it? On my A1 XE I can't help but thinking that it should be way faster than on my old a4k, not way slower!

A few games that's been recompiled like Quake 2 works fine but most older games doesn't and several newer aren't playable because of them being too slow. On the A1 XE games like Freespace 2 and most newer ports are too slow.

Any reasons for why it's slower than on my a4k and why some games just never seems to work ok again? What happened with Warp3D when it was ported from AOS 3.x to AOS 4.x? It pretty much became a slow, buggy mess or so it seems in some/many cases. Freespace 1 and Quake 2 runs very well though.

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