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Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide

Subject: Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide
by ChrisH on 2010/11/29 21:08:31

Here is part C: (Running Payback)
You must follow these steps every time you want to run Payback:
* If your Joystick was connected before OS4 booted, then please UNplug it. (If you don't follow this step, then AmigaInput will not recognise the Joystick, and so Payback's keyboard controls won't work!)
* Plug your joystick in. You should see a brief USB message confirming it was recognised.
* Eject the Payback CD, if it is inserted. (If you don't follow this step then Payback will attempt to play the Intro, and this will crash.)
* Run the Payback icon. Do NOT use the PaybackWOS icon, because (although faster) it has no sound & can crash sometimes.
* After Payback menu has appeared (rotating joystick), you can insert the Payback CD (this is optional but means it will play the CD music - assuming your CD drive is connected to your motherboard/sounds-card correctly).

I recommend printing-out this guide, because you canNOT switch to OWB while Payback is running (without the keyboard locking-up or possibly crashing Payback altogether).

Here is what you must do the FIRST time that Payback is started:
* Choose your language, then press Button 1 on your joystick.
* Enter your CD key (this is case INsensitive, but the dashes are part of your key!), then press Button 1.
* When asked about the CD device/unit, just skip it by pressing Button 1.
* You should now see the Payback menu (rotating joystick).
* Congratulations, you can now play Payback! Note that both Space & Button 1 act as fire/select. But I do recommend a few more steps:

* If you want to try getting CD music to work, then press right to reach "CD audio setup", then press fire (Button 1 or Space). If you have a Sam440 then you should enter "sii3114ide.device" (without the quotes!) for Device, and (probably) 3 for the Unit. If you have another machine then you will need to find the correct settings. After you start a game, and get in a car, you should find that the music starts playing from the CD.

* The joystick controls suck a bit in my opinion, so I recommend changing them! Press right to reach "Control setup", then press fire (Button 1 or Space).

Press down to move the flashing highlight (from Cancel) to the Accelerate option line. Now press right until you get to "Single player CD32 Joystick". Press fire & then Up (on the joystick) to change Accelerate from Red to Up.

Press down to highlight the Reverse/brake option. Press fire & then Down (on the joystick) to change it from Green to Down.

Press down until you highlight the Shoot/horn option. Press fire & then Button 1 to change it from Blue to Red.

Press down until you highlight the In/Out vehicle option. Press fire & then Button 2 to change it from Yellow to Green.

Press down until you highlight the Next weapon option. Press fire & then Button 3 to change it from Forward to Blue.

Press down to highlight the Prev weapon option. Press fire & then Button 4 to change it from ? to Yellow.

Press down until you highlight the OK option, and then press fire to accept your changes. I now recommend quitting Payback to ensure your choices are saved. Note that Payback may crash on exit (leaving you on a black screen). If that happens then just soft reset OS4.

I then recommend making a backup of your Sys:S/Payback.config file, since this is where all your settings are stored, and if you mess them up later (especially your menu controls!), then you can restore it easily

Now go play a game of Payback, remembering to follow the instructions at the top of this post!

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