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Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide

Subject: Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide
by ChrisH on 2010/11/29 20:52:42

Here is part B: (Installing Payback)
* Run the installer on the Payback CD.
* When it asks about installing the intro, you must say NO. (If you say yes then Payback will always crash when started.) If you accidentally say yes then just delete the Payback folder & start again.
* When the installer asks about installing lowlevel.library, you must say "Skip This Part". (Otherwise your OS4 lowlevel.library will be replaced by an OS3 one, and god knows what will happen. You will need someone's help to restore the proper version.)
* When the installer asks about using PaybackSetup to choose a screenmode, say NO. (This step is pointless, since you will need to redo it after updating Payback anyway.)
* The installer is now finished. Click the Proceed button (twice).

* Now download Update 7 for Payback from Apex Design's web site:
* Unpack it (to the RAM Disk or where ever), and run the installer.
* When asked for where Payback is installed, ensure you click on the Payback folder (which will then show it's contents).
* The installer is now finished. Click the Proceed button (twice).

* Open the Payback folder, and run the PaybackSetup program.
* Click on the "Choose software rendering screenmode" button. A requester will open - choose a 640x480 (or a slower 800x600) screenmode.
* Now ensure that the cycle gadget shows "Hardware rendering disabled". (Payback's hardware rendering using Warp3D does not work properly on modern graphics cards and/or OS4.1, so don't even bother trying!)
* Now click the "Save and exit" button.

* You are now ready to run Payback! But this is not as easy as it sounds... (See part C!)

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