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Re: Browser on Amiga

Subject: Re: Browser on Amiga
by R-TEAM on 2006/12/2 3:33:55


i use Aweb most the time ... ;)
Only on sites with "not so old" javascript [mainly my main torrent
sites] i use IBrowse .. and yes .. IB is faster on my 060/66
system .. but i have only the Demo [dont buy an non-css browser more,
haved buyed AWeb3.x].

The main problems for Amiga is not the non available Firefox
or not OpenOffice ......

FireFox is big and have potential problems with viruses/trojaner...
OpenOffice is big too and nearly no one need the whole pakage full ..

We need a fast and small browser [IB4 or a good Aweb WITH actual
javascript/css support] for modern web sites ..

And a compatibily with M$ word !
Maybe a library that allow loading/writing from actual M$ Word
formats .. THIS is needed .

And as interim solution a smal prg that convertes with the help
from the word.lib the word documants to/from FinalWriter/WordWorth ..
So the actual amiga text-apps can used and new apps benefits from
the word.lib was is holded up-to-date ...

maybe ... only a hint ;)

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