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Re: I have some good news, 98% of OWB compiles in cygwin :-)

Subject: Re: I have some good news, 98% of OWB compiles in cygwin :-)
by samo79 on 2010/8/31 20:11:19


OWB still doesn't support tabs and still has no GUI at all, let alone any of the other features you want, but since it's not a browser for computers but for CE devices such features are not required. It's using a newer version of WebKit, but it hardly has more own features now (the cookie support is much better and a few other things improved, for example it supports JavaScript alerts and select popups now which wasn't the case 3 years ago yet).

I know, OWB taked as is it's just a core but also WebKit taked stand alone is a core, there's not all that difference between the two, infact the Sand-Labs guys import most of the code directly from the day to day WebKit development

But this is not the point, if we taked this point of view as a dogma there will be any sense to develop anythings, just port complete software from other platform and stay in peace, but the story are different, the majority of the software are developed from scratch or even adapted to the reference platform, they are not ported as is.

Implementing a complete computer web browser around OWB still doesn't make any sense at all, and of course that never was the goal of the AmigaOS 4.x port, no matter how hard you try to keep ignoring such facts. Even if I'd still have working AmigaOS 4.x hardware I never would have wasted my time doing something as stupid as that. If you want a complete web browser you have to use one instead of something like OWB, for example Timberwolf.

You don't want, you decide, but you can't call it as useless, expecially when someone (Fab) prove that it is possible to build a complete browser around it

I see it and i navigate with it and i can assure you that it is a fantastic product

You suggest to wait for Firefox, that's ok, but at the moment Firefox is unusable on AmigaOS and most probably it will remain unusable for months, also you may consider that not all people like it as program, some of them may prefer WebKit over Gecko, having a good alternative would be better for all of us instead to force all users to stay in a single project ...

Aniway, i'm not here to change your POV, do what you want with OWB.

No idea what he did, I don't have MorphOS and the sources of the MorphOS parts aren't on the OWB SVN.

The latest Fab source is not in SVN but here:


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