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Re: I have some good news, 98% of OWB compiles in cygwin :-)

Subject: Re: I have some good news, 98% of OWB compiles in cygwin :-)
by joerg on 2010/8/31 19:58:25


so the Fab's work is useless?
No idea what he did, I don't have MorphOS and the sources of the MorphOS parts aren't on the OWB SVN.
But no matter what he did it doesn't make sense since he seems to try to implement a computer web browser around OWB, which is much more work than porting an existing browser like Firefox is, or Chromium if you prefer WebKit, and a single developer can never implement all features of such a browser. And even if anything he did would have made any sense for MorphOS, or at least there wouldn't already have been a WebKit based MorphOS browser (IIRC "Sputnik" or something like that), it would still be useless for AmigaOS.

And, related to OS4.x, if Frieden's wasnt working to TimberWolf, we have to stay with owb with minimal gui for the ethernity???
That there will be an AmigaOS 4.x port of Firefox was clear already when I started working on the AmigaOS 4.x port of OWB, it always only was a temporary better-than-nothing solution until the Firefox port is completed. If nobody else would have ported Firefox to AmigaOS I wouldn't have implemented a web browser around OWB either but would of course have ported Firefox to AmigaOS myself instead.

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