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Re: Help Joerg

Subject: Re: Help Joerg
by spotUP on 2010/7/20 22:56:58

so.. i guess i could start by trying to build popt....
edit: ok, here we go... configuring popt with NLS disabled as we don't have gettext.
edit: ok, library configured.. let's try to build it.
edit: first warnings;

popt.c: In function 'execCommand':
popt.c:525: warning: implicit declaration of function 'execvp'
popt.c: In function 'poptSaveLongLong':
popt.c:743: warning: implicit declaration of function 'srandom'
popt.c:744: warning: implicit declaration of function 'random'

let's change those to srand and rand to get rid of those.

edit: almost done, one error left..
undefined reference to `execvp'

argh.. newlib is missing execvp..
let's try to build for clib2 and disable iconv then..

edit: actually, no. let's not build it for clib2 as it's outdated and we need it for newlib.

the problem line looks like this:
rc = execvp(argv[0], (char *const *)argv);

i don't know what it does, or how to fix it, but i commented it out and the test cases seems to work, but i don't feel good about it...
can anyone help out here?
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