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Re: Help Joerg

Subject: Re: Help Joerg
by eliyahu on 2010/7/19 15:27:21


redfox wrote:

In support of Joerg, I want to say that I have used OWB since it first came out, through most of the upgrades to OWB 3.29. Of course there have been some issues along the way, but all in all, I support his efforts. I am currently using OWB 3.29.

As for any further upgrades or improvements to OWB, I am not a programmer or a developer so I cannot help there. As a user, I can speak with feedback and donations.

I have used IBrowse, AWeb APL Lite, OWB, NetSurf and Timberwolf Alpha 1 release. In my humble opinion, Timberwolf needs alot more work before it will replace any of the others. Currently, I use OWB 3.29 and NetSurf 2.5 as my main web browsers

i have to concur here. this is my first post here, and i am happy that it can be to give over a much-needed <b>thank you</b> to joerg for all of his work on building an OWB-based browser for OS4.

those of you who post over on aw.net might recall that i recently joined the amiga community, buying a SAM440ep-flex earlier this year, never having used any amiga before. i would not have done this without a useable browser, and that was and remains joerg's OWB.

i certainly hope that comments made, whether intended or not to be critical, will not have a negative impact on joerg. i hope this thread and the replies herein demonstrate just how much the community appreciates his work and our hopes for continued development.

i know timberwolf is out there, but frankly it simply does not compare to the OWB we have now. i was very concerned that its introduction to the community would prompt a slowing-down or outright halt on OWB development. but i -- and many OS4 enthusiasts -- would rather have OWB.

-- eliyahu
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