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Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)

Subject: Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)
by kas1e on 2018/11/25 12:02:34

I build euae with GL support enabled, and add in config sdl.use_gl=true, but all what it give me, it just black window. I.e. sound works, just nothing renders in.

In the debug output from sdlgfx.c i have:


E-UAE 1.0.0
Build date: Nov 25 2018 14:42:22
SDLGFX: Initialized.
SDLGFX: Using SDL version 1.2.15.
SDLGFX: Display is 32 bits deep.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1920x1200.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1600x1200.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1440x900.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1024x768.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 1280x720.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 800x600.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 640x512.
SDLGFX: Found screenmode: 640x480.
SDL video driver: OS4
Found 0 joystick(s)
Found amiga raw keyboard mapping
Using raw keymap
Opening cfgfile '.uaerc'...failed
Opening cfgfile 'tdeath.rc'...okay.
Timebase frequency: 24.937500 MHz
Found amiga raw keyboard mapping
Using raw keymap
Function: DX_FillResolutions
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 640x480x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 640x480x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 640x512x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 640x512x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 800x600x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 800x600x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1024x768x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1024x768x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1920x1200x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1920x1200x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1600x1200x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1600x1200x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1440x900x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1440x900x8
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1280x720x32
SDLGFX: Added P96 mode: 1280x720x8
Enabling argb32 byte-swapping for P96.
Function: gfx_set_picasso_state: 0
Building CPU table for configuration: 68020 prefetch
1866 CPU functions
Building CPU function table, 45674 opcodes (2 1 0).
JIT: Building compiler function table.
JIT: Allocation of translation cache...
JIT: Translation cache size in prefs: 0
JIT: translation cache is 0 in prefs, leaving.
Function: graphics_init
Function: find_best_mode(640,512,32)
Function: graphics_subinit_gl
Resolution: 640 x 512
P96 screen? : 0
Fullscreen? : 0
Mouse grabbed? : 0
HW surface? : 0
Must lock? : 0
Bytes per Pixel: 4
Bytes per Line : 0
SDLGFX: Using single-buffered output.
Function: init_colors
SDLGFX: bitdepth = 32
SDL sound driver found and configured at 44100 Hz, buffer is 100 ms (17640 bytes).
Driveclick init...
reset at 0
JIT: Compiling reset
PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=312)
Function: gfx_set_picasso_state: 0
chipmem cleared

Then emulation starts, sound goint on, all seems to works, just nothing renders to the window. It is with minigl, didn't tried with gl4es at moment.

Strange that it show all zeros , and for p96 screen, and for others.

edit: but all that if i didn't use gfx_vsync=true. If i use it, then at least in window mode it works. But in fullscreen it didn't, even without usage of GL, so there seems bug in euae which sounds like "When config has gfx_vsync=true , and euae running in fullscreen via gfx_fullscreen_amiga=true, or , when user just switch from window mode to full screen one, then everything black, and nothing happens. And euae seems to freeze."

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