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Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)

Subject: Re: e-uaes from os4depot, fresh recompile (post #10)
by MickJT on 2018/11/24 11:16:55


Without _ARCH_PWR4 defined (which also gets defined by -mcpu=970), then the JIT is very slow on X1000.

See http://euaejit.blogspot.com/2012/10/jinxed-it-more-apples.html and http://euaejit.blogspot.com/2014/07/p ... dreds-and-xthousands.html

Note that -mno-powerpc64 will be needed if you're going to use -mcpu=970, otherwise you'll get weird stuff like the mouse movements being inverted (see this link).

As for the stuff I said in the e-mail about -maltivec, it just causes strange behaviour if linked with the current binutils. Not necessarily crashes, but just incorrect code execution. Using -N when linking fixes it, or manually using amigaos.x from an older binutils (i.e the one included in SDK 53.30) with -Wl,-T /path/to/file.x

> And you probably build and generic version and x1000 one before with that flag ?

That flag/definition is the difference between an X1000 and non-X1000 version, so there's no such thing as building a "generic" version with that flag. I probably confused you by talking about altivec flags in the email.

There's no altivec code in e-uae, but I think the -maltivec flag was possibly used in Rachy's X1000 builds regardless, and I think it does have some minor effect even on code that has no specific altivec instructions, so I thought I'd let you know about any problems that might arise from using that.

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