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Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002

Subject: Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002
by ferrels on 2021/4/8 20:56:22


"The first thing to do figure out how many of these functions are missing, google the function names, see if you find library it needs."

Yes, I did that already. The D3D source code for Carnivores 2 DOES compile without errors and it runs too. The error message that is presented after running the D3D binary is presented in a dialog box and it is being thrown at run time when the binary tries to initialize 3D audio output.

The point I tried to make about the archives at github is that in many cases the game(s) source code there isn't the final release code and is in most cases the sources are bug riddled and incomplete. Carnivores 2 is a prime example with it's D3D audio. Also, when trying to generate a binary that uses software rendering for audio and video, the sources for Carnivores 2 software video rendering engine is incomplete. Whoever uploaded the sources didn't upload the latest nor complete code base, so until that happens it'll never get ported to OS4 unless someone wants to write OS4 specific software video rendering for this game from scratch.

And yes, OS4 has 3D hardware accelerated graphics, sort of. OpenGL/OpenGL ES support is spotty and incomplete and is a work-in-progress, not to mention that even the best GPU cards for OS4 were produced about 8 years ago. And don't even get me started on how far behind NG Amigas are in terms of raw CPU horsepower. Even the best NG Amiga CPU performs on par with x86 processors from around 2004.....that's a 17 year gap in performance.

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