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Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002

Subject: Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002
by ferrels on 2021/4/8 10:33:17


Yes, several of the games have already been ported to both OS3 and OS4. Thanks for the link to the archives BTW. Looking at the source code for many of these games was quite an enjoyable trip down memory lane, at least for Windows/DOS programmers. Unfortunately, both classic and NG Amigas have a lot of catching up to do in regard to graphics libraries, cross-platform toolkits and build tools. Programming for classic and NG Amigas is like taking a time machine back to the year 1998.

Another problem is simply a lack of raw CPU and GPU horsepower on classic and NG Amigas. In some cases, libraries such as QT have been ported to OS4, but the CPU/GPU overhead is so high that the performance suffers. Many developers already know this so they won't even attempt to port some games knowing that they will run so slowly that there's no point in even trying. SDL based games run poorly on all Amigas due to a lack of CPU/GPU horsepower.

My opinion, FWIW, is that NG Amigas will have to make the leap to modern processors and OS4 will have to undergo a complete re-write to survive, but that's not likely to happen as long as Ben Hermans is still breathing. The MOS team figured this out years ago as did Apple, but for some reason, the average Amiga users out there have put their heads into the sand and think the way forward is to pay higher and higher prices for slower and slower hardware and almost no OS development.

A OS4 re-write is needed to enable multi-processor support at a minimum. Again, that won't happen as long as Ben is breathing. AROS x86 SMP is promising though.

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