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Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002

Subject: Re: Lots of sources for comercial and arcade games 1980-2002
by ferrels on 2021/4/8 4:00:02


Even though most of these games were written in C/C++, many of them depend on libraries that don't exist for the Amiga or are poorly supported under OS4, if at all. Just for kicks, I decided to see how difficult it would be to compile the sources using Visual Studio under Windows for Carnivores 2 and Postal. Postal was a breeze to compile since its only dependency is SDL2. Postal has already been ported to OS4, which isn't surprising because SDL2 was ported to OS4 years ago. The Postal debug binary ran perfectly after compilation. Carnivores 2 was a different story. I was able to get it to compile a D3D binary on Windows with only some minor edits to the code, but upon running the binary I get a dialog box that says "Can't find procedure Audio_UploadGeometry". Compiling a version that supports software video rendering (a requirement for OS4 since there is no D3D compatibility layer) threw over 200 errors. At that point I didn't even attempt to track down the cause because even if I was able to get the source to compile under Visual Studio, there's no way it will ever compile for OS4 until someone smarter than me writes OS4-specific code to handle the video output as well as Amiga-specific keyboard and joystick controls. The current software rendering is also Windows-specific. You need to get the idea out of your head that just because a game or app was written in C/C++ that it's easy to port it between different platforms. It isn't, especially for platforms that have been dead for years and where any real development ceased 2+ decades ago.

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