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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/3/8 18:35:32


I checked other "nat" realizations for other platforms, and seems that in general, we do it still correct and as expected even in 7.5.1: we fill the "struct target_ops *xxxx"; (in our case we call it like "static struct target_ops amigaos_ops";) then fill necessary bits, and call "add_target(&xxxx);" Then if we have filled "to_create_inferior" with our inferior function it called them when need it. Just in our case, for some reason, it never added to the inferior list in inferior.c anymore.

But I have never seen any other platform direct call to add_inferior_with_spaces().

My bet we then need fully rewrite this amigaos_create_inferior() just from scratch, with our own code. Without needs to worry wtf there from before time (and in that process, we will then understand how it all works).

And anyway, is it mean that this part of code in our current amigaos_create_inferior() just doing nothing ? :


inferior_ptid = pid_to_ptid ((int)debug_data.current_process);


So does OS4 have a shared address space? If so we can call set_gdbarch_has_shared_address_space() and may get further.
Otherwise we need to set up the inferior with the correct aspace, pspace values, etc.

I can ask in os4beta/dev maillists, or Thomas directly about. But what you mean by OS4 have a shared address space? Shared with what/by what ?:) As I aware all amigaos4 memory is shared, and everyone can access any part of it. As well as we have "shared" tags when allocating memory too (but I suck at those details)

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