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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/3/4 17:50:23


To make our life easier I commit another change where add to the gdb/exec.c necessary changes, so exec_seglist is no more NULL, and we going further.

And then, we meet with the error about which I told in the last posts: ../../gdb/target.c:3242: internal-error: Can't determine the current address space of thread process.

target_thread_address_space() is in that gdb/target.c, and if we add there printfs, then :

1). for first we never go inside of the for (t = current_target.beneath; t != NULL; t = t->beneath) loop.
2). when we "fallback", inf is NULL too.

It feels that we have issues with "pids" and whole "inf" pointers.

For enabling debug output in gdb/target.c, on line 208 of that file change static int targetdebug = 0; to static int targetdebug = 1;

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