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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/2/25 9:21:04

Asking the wrong one again ?:)


Will (or is) gdb be able to also genug shared builds?

If you ask if the current GDB from SDK is able to debug binaries that use sobjs: it can probabaly in some sort (there were some sobjs related code in the old GDB for sure), but all newer gcc produce dwarf4 debug binaries which old GDB can't handle, so even if it can, you probably will be out of luck, because either scummvm or one of the link libs surely builds with newer GCC (meaning GDB will say "sorry, dwarf4 support, can handle only dwarf2).

As for "will new version support it": If you will read the whole thread (boring, yes), you will see that we currently disable sobjs, because at first, we need to make a new version that works everywhere as expected with the usual apps, and then make it works on x5000 too. And only when everything will be good, and if there nothing left to fix, and if there will be wish from any developer to deal with, then sobjs support can be added probably.

But better don't hold the hope for. Sobjs on amigaos4 known to be sucking crap and I are sure once someone will start to dig in to make proper support of it in GDB, he will meet with all sort of limitations, shortcomings and unimplemented features which can't be a workaround.


Will it be possible to trace those shared build crashes in scummvm?

We even didn't have a proper debugger to debug plain binaries, taking aside that custom-hack-support of sobjs we had in os4.

And, to add, GDB will not offer you a lot in comparison with stack trace from GR if you didn't know assembly code. In GDB you surely can do a lot of things, but they in no way mean "now you will know why it crashes exactly, only because you run binary inside of GDB".

GDB is good for many other things as well, like, for example, you run a program, and it NOT_CRASHED but reacts wrong and you don't know why. So you can break executions, and see stack, registers, memory, etc, etc. It's more like a tool for developers, to help them.

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