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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/2/23 20:12:33

Added to Repo ftello64/fseeko64/fopen64 workaround for newlib: https://github.com/kas1e/gdb/commit/b8 ... 6e85518997b5be86053dce255

just in bfd's sysdep.h, so all will automatically be taken exactly for aos4/newlib only. We can keep this one until fixed newlib will be out, but for time being workaround is good enough for sure, not worse than how it was with clib2 builds before.

not sure if it possible to "configure" the gdb line to say "disable ftello64/fseeko64"? If not, the way how I did it can be kept IMHO? (just one single change, not a big deal).

And I tested dwarf2/4 support: our old GDB indeed only supports dwarw2, while 7.5.1 can load up dwarf 4 bins! See:

(open in new tab for full size)
Resized Image

There I show that binary compiled with dwarf4 support, then tried to load it up with old-current gdb: says sorry, 4 not support, and then load it up with our new v7.5.1: it works. So, once we have done with nat-amigaos.c, we at least will have one major feature right away: working dwarf4 support. Then if x5000 support will be added it will be something at last (after 10 years ?)

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