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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/2/20 13:17:48


Everything in the repo now. It configured/builds/links automatically now. Instructions in the main readme here: https://github.com/kas1e/gdb/blob/main/README.md

At this point we have:

1). necessary changes in configure scripts so things build
2). some small fixes to actually build it all
3). shared objects fully disabled (firstly we need basics works).
4). bfd/elf32-AmigaOS.c file added but fully commented, with simple placeholder function so things compile. Those ones are first which need adaptation to the new version of GDB. I tried yesterday, seems not hard, but need some programming skills.
5). Also added placeholder config "gdb/config/AmigaOS.mt", in which in old version were references to AmigaOS-nat.c ("nat" mean there Native-dependent code, so we have to deal with elf32-amiga and amiga-nat files). Currently, I didn't upload that file as we have already things to deal with.

Currently, as far as I see we need to fix the "gdb" terminal itself. That not related to missing amigaos-elf code support, but general porting issue: for now once you run it, it says "can't find the file" and start typing "select ."

Once that fixes and we can type commands in, we then can go further and adapt/fix the elf32-amigaos.c file to the new GDB.

So now, real programmers help need it. All boring annoying work is done, we just need some of us to clone the repo, build, and fix bit by bit.

Once we fix the terminal and then adapt elf32-amigaos file, and things start to works on peg2, etc, we can start to worry about x5000-trace-breakpoint functionality.

Imho nothing hard, just need some of your motivation

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