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Subject: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/2/18 8:29:52


Current work in progress repo on Github of the new version: https://github.com/kas1e/gdb

Current state: binary can be built with newlib, it runs, you can load dwarf4 debug binaries, list them, set the breakpoint, but actual running does not work for now.

With older public GDB (which based on GDB 6.3a), we end up that x5000 GDB can't break and bring SIGBUG error while we tried to do so, while on pegasos2 we still can. On x5000 there are new debug facilities, not the same as on older g3/g4 CPUs so that can make a difference (if there no other issues involved: to be checked).

I asked Thomas about and he says that he thinks the debug facilities interrupt is present on the current x5000 kernel already, but it has never been tested and might not work at all.

The new CPUs also do no longer have the trace enable bit in MSR that was available in older versions, so an adaption to the debug interrupt is necessary. This is, unfortunately, not that straightforward anymore (if you have the Motorola EREF manual, check Chapter 9, it outlines the debug facilities).

So we need to check if things work at all.

I also tried morphos on x5000 with their GDB 8.3 port, and that works for sure. Everything works as expected.

Through, that point us to nowhere: it can be that morphos' kernel just has all things in place already for x5000. But from another side, we also can check morphos' diffs for gdb to see if there anything special for x5000 done.

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