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Re: Updater locking up

Subject: Re: Updater locking up
by walkero on 2021/1/21 17:18:39

I would like to ask to stop derailing this topic, which is about the Updater and the way it works.


@amigakit wrote

You should be aware that some users have an alternative view and want to install everything from the Enhancer Software.


Lots of others have differing opinion and the choice is in there for the user to decide whether to install Format or other components or not. It is not up to anyone to dictate what users do and whether or not they support a software package or development with their hard earned cash.

@kas1e wrote

Almost everyone keeps saying that replacing system components is the wrong idea. Almost EVERYONE. Beta testers, your developers, all users.

@NinjaCyborg wrote

@amigakit you are wrong, kas1e and billyfish are right. Notice how there's no one here or on any other forum defending your way of doing it? But lots of people criticizing it. That means, you're wrong and you should acknowledge that. There's no shame, just accept it and move on.

Unless you have results of a poll or actual feedback you got from the AmigaOS 4 users, you can't know if the majority or not agree or disagree. So, until we have this data, we discuss something on a totally wrong base. And if you want to discuss this, please open a new topic, and do not derail this one.

Thank you all for your understanding.

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