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Re: Updater locking up

Subject: Re: Updater locking up
by kas1e on 2021/1/20 18:33:46


A few here will agree with your point of view and others will not see it as a problem.

As you can see from this topic, as well as from the beta list NO ONE agrees with replacing system components. NO ONE. Only you :) And maybe Chris F. also as he seems also involved in Enhancer.

No one else. NO ONE. If 99% of users and beta testers and developers say to you that replacing system os components with the same name and the same versioning (damn!) is bad, then probably is it something to consider, no?

The truth probably is that you just hope to overwrite OS step by step so as to have your own OS, which of course, will never happen because of many reasons.

You even want to replace system components which on OS4 are MUCH better. I will not say which ones, as you know which ones, users will be facepalmed about later.

So why make that mess? Why?

PS. btw, is it you who prepare Enhancer beta, or someone else? I mean, I tried to understand who is that disorganized that always forgets to include the latest ogles2, even if many of us many times ask to do so. It can't be you, I just can't believe that you 5 or how many times include everything, but not ogles2.library. And I am sure you again will forget to include the 3.1 version this time. It's like you do it specially, while I sure (i hope) you not.

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