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Re: Markdown Editor / Viewer

Subject: Re: Markdown Editor / Viewer
by walkero on 2021/1/11 23:42:00

That's awesome. Some remarks on things I found:

1. Project menu both Load and Save have the same shortcut
2. It would be good to have a shortcut for the Project > Update. It can be handy
3. There is no way to save the Settings, if you do a change. They are not saved on window close, nor there are any buttons to do that.
4. In settings, "Allow blocks" and "Allow spans" have the same bubble help text
5. At the main window, at the buttons, if you have assigned any shortcuts, it would be great if you show them on help bubbles as well
6. If you start a new project, you cannot preview it. I guess because there is no way to run md4c while there is no file. Maybe create a new one only in Ram, and work with that.
7. I don't know if you have this in your plans, but it would be good if there was a way to use always a specific browser and not open new tabs all the time. I am working on ideas on that, and I will be back with proposals. I guess a good candidate would be to use NetSurf, since it doesn't need to support Javascript. Which brings us maybe to a way to set if the user wants to use OpenURL (like it is now) or use ARexx to send the url to a specific browser. And let the user create it.
8. Choices that open a new window, like adding a link, maybe it would be good to close after the user press OK.
9. The last version includes Makefile and the project file from Codebench, which might not needed.

The AmiMarkDown is getting better and better. Thank you for doing this.

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