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MineCraft (MineTest) work in progress help need it

Subject: MineCraft (MineTest) work in progress help need it
by kas1e on 2021/1/4 12:09:27


Tried for a while to make Minecraft working on AmigaOS4 (that one use Irrlicht which I port a year ago and which used in HCraft, SuperTuxKart, and NightOfTheZombies games).

Thanks to Salas00 for a fix in our GCC I can go further now, and so, there is at least something on the screen (click open in a new window for full size):

Resized Image

So far there are major issues I have for now (and If anyone can help me with it (i can donate for of course), that will be very helpful!) :

Issue #1. Semaphores and Threading + exit() call from the wrong process + other related bits. FIXED !!

Fixed by Salas00's POSIX-on-os4 semaphore implementation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/43b4g16kvhd7 ... emaphore-amigaos4.7z?dl=0

+ by few fixes to amigaos4-native-threading implementation for our GCC (one by salas00 and one by Capehill)

Issue #2. Invalid UTF8-string everywhere FIXED !

Fixed by replacing WCHAR_T on UCS-4 in string.cpp (c) salas00

]Issue #3. Failing unit-tests for serialization. FIXED !!

by the usage of proper GCC flags(added -fno-math-errno -fno-trapping-math -ffinite-math-only -fno-signed-zeros).

Issue #4. Failing unit-tests for killthread()
That one cause lot of "Waiting for thread" on serial.

Issue #5. Failing unit-tests for servermodmanager

Issue #8. Port for real network-based code. Need to remove ipv6 and use directly Roadshow (so proto/bsdsocket.h), as threaded curl use it as well.

It seems it still give us some issues with threading (crashes in the __gthread_entry() + _ZL15eh_globals_dtorPv(), following by lot of "Waiting for thread" on serial).

Issue #9. On running have "please insert volume minetest_menu_footer.png in any drive" and "please insert volume minetest_menu_header.png in any drive". FIXED !! By getting rid of -lunix and replacing posix rename()/delete()

Issue #10. Make RecursiveDelete() works FIXED !!
That one: https://github.com/minetest/minetest/b ... ster/src/filesys.cpp#L290

fixed by getting as base win32 version, and replace few bits so IDOS->Delete() is used for.

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