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Re: gcc 9 and 10

Subject: Re: gcc 9 and 10
by kas1e on 2021/2/12 8:46:44

Btw, do you have an interest in working on newer Binutils? Why I ask, is that I download Morphos's SDK source code, and there is not _that_ many changes in the diff file. Taking into account that we already have some version with specific amigaos4 changes + diff from morphos devs, it can be (i hope) a little bit easier?

And maybe after that, we can have at least working gdb (seeing patch sets from 5.3 version for os4, and changes in 8.3 version on morphos, it also didn't look like _that_ hard).

I currently rebuild GDB from https://sourceforge.net/p/adtools/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/gdb/ (as probably that is the latest one, as on SBA's GitHub I didn't see it anymore) over GCC 10.0.1, and it works. Through, of course, it still supports the only dwarf2, so no go for us anymore with newer versions of GCC, and dward4 was added somewhere in 7.5/7.5.1. And not sure what will be easier: add dwarf4 support to that GDB we had on source forge, or better made new port (7.5.1 or 8.3 or so). If go new port way, then we at beginning may have no needs for "sobj" debugging, disable everything, etc, just some basics. Then when necessary (and if) implement things. But GDB is must, it's too offten we can't go futher because of lacking this. And for that, we need newer binutils (as gdb need them, too).

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