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Subject: Re: OS4 UPDAAAATEE !!! BANANA !!
by kas1e on 2020/12/24 5:30:37


but did anyone bother to test it? In first half an hour of usage:

Of course, no one test it. We just pack the files and upload them without testing. That what you think for real ?:)


1) system lock up when pasting from CLI to clipboard
2) system lock up 50% of time initiating any delete with asyncWB

Please, can you make a proper bug report so any of us can reproduce it? You can be sure I use shell a lot, especially copy+paste from shell to clipboard back and forth in all directions.

By proper bug report, I mean saying how exactly to reproduce a problem. Saying "it's all bad, not works, lockup" is not a proper bug report and will not help.


3) on bootup, often a random one of my disks will be missing. need to reboot, or rather, restart amigaos, to make it come back

Are they USB? Real HDD? What filesystems? That can happen for sure, depend on X/Y, but need more info.


4) Ami Update is still a piece of shit

Didn't you mess it with Updater? :)

And anyway, why you so harsh? Don't you think we all spend a gazillion of our time to make all this, test and release?

And it's in end quite usual thing, that once updates out ppls found some issues, dealing with new stuff, etc, but after a while, everything comes to be good again.


If I let the system boot up normally, all network connections are lost (I'm guessing that DEVS:NetInterfaces is failing) after about a minute. I can get the network to work again only if I do a hard reset (even a soft reset doesn't help), but then it's gone again in about a minute.

I didn't have that of course but be sure that:

1). you test all without installed Enhancer first
2). you didn't modify before startup-sequence (but if you did, there were new startup-sequence, check for backup one in the same directory, and add missing bits in)


I'm still a bit confused by how the enhancer pack fits into the picture though. Is there anything in the enhancer pack that adds value / doesn't break things? Can I trust the enhancer pack installer for cherry-picking or do I need to do this manually?

I go for manually of course. Because if install it automatically, it will mean replacing some system components and adding some really bad components (like logviewer.datatype, which slow viewing of some files A LOT), or like replaced sound, which will make then you lose initial sound settings. Or like installing clipviewer/etc, which you may not need, and which may in one in another way cause new issues.

So firstly clean install of update2, then check/test everything for some days/week and only then, component by component install manually things from Enhancer and only those which you need. I can recommend installing for sure those ones: RadeonHD or RadeonRX (depend on what one you have) Warp3DNova, Ogles2.library, Exchanger, Multiviewer and Multiview & network onboard driver. Maybe you can also play with X-Dock, but AmiDock is better IMHO. For sake of fun CANDI can be installed too, but not that of important, maybe have some issues. Tunenet is buggy quite much still (quite often just freezes and crashes). AmiPDF was a bit updated, but really a bit, VPDF port from morphos is far better by the support of PDF and speed. But that me and IMHO :)

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