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Re: Warp3DNova shader bugs thread

Subject: Re: Warp3DNova shader bugs thread
by kas1e on 2020/6/4 13:31:53


However, since real-life shaders often seem to falsely rely on this behaviour, maybe a Nova feature request for an init-vars-to-zero-toggle (default off like now) is a good compromise.

Imho also not worth , because it mean take manual actions. But then in just case, shader can be changed and that all. From another side, question is : can be unitialized variable set to 0 cause any issues in compare with being random as it now ? I mean, of course, shaders can be buggy and rely on undifened behaviours, but will setting unitialized value to 0 , cause any problems for any other possible shaders ? Imho no ? Then if no, why not have it the same just to cope with some buggy shaders ?:)


But don't try to be smart and to categorize further After all you are a reporter. It's Hans job to fix that stuff and it's also his job to analyse and eventually merge or split your bug reports.

Indeed, just tring to help Hans to make less work :) But in end you (and Hans as well answer the same) seems right, it better to made reports for each shader differently. Just there currently :

11 shaders with wrong/swapped colors
15 shaders giving black/white/grey screen
30 shaders with wrong rendering (some with very little issues, some with major ones).

So in summ it mean about 50 bug-reports will be :)


IMHO a rewrite of the register allocator is due. From what I see things get fixed in lib release A only to reappear in a slightly different form or the fixes cause other problems as sideeffects. And then there is also the missing register spilling etc.

There were some regression since 1.68 yes, and all probabaly indeed related to registers stuff which need rewriting with having in mind spiling as well.


For the upcoming ogles2 lib version I threw away and rewrote the whole program introspection system

Is it that beta of 3.0 version which i had ? Because in that one remaining bugs of 2.11 were fixied, so if it just "proper rewrite" made it better in end, then yeah, that way to go.

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