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Re: RadeonHD 3.x bug (?): more than ~256mb of used GPU (second chunk) memory cause a heavy lockup/crash.

Subject: Re: RadeonHD 3.x bug (?): more than ~256mb of used GPU (second chunk) memory cause a heavy lockup/crash.
by kas1e on 2019/9/28 18:19:15

I create simple test case , plz , everyone who have RadeonHD 3.x (only 3.x) on any hardware (expectually need to know about x1000, sams and tabor), give it a go and report there.

Download test binary:


There you will find binary "test" (together with sources, if one need to check what it do).

Binary doing only that : by usage of ogles2.library and warp3dnova it fill the GPU memory by some little textures. I.e. if you run it like this:

work:radeonhd_check:> test 300

then it will put about 300 textures whole size of which will be ~100MB , so 100MB of GPU memory will be filled.

Then if you do "test 600" , it will take then 200mb of GPU memory.

So, on x5000, once you fill first 256 and then go to the next chunk , it simple lockups. That around 765 textures.

What i need from anyone who willing to help, is to run it just like this:

test 300 : works or not (should everwhere)
test 600 : works or not (should everywhere)
test 900: works or not (now we fill already 256mb of GPU, and already at ~300)


test 1600 : works or not (there we test if 512mb of GPU memory is used fine)
test 2400 : works or not (there we more than 768mb of GPU memory)
test 3100 : works or not (there we more than 1024mb of GPU memory)

So that probably will be enough to check if first 1GB of GPU video memory working/not working.

By working it mean it will after few seconds create a simple empty window, which you can then close after. No crashes or lockups should be (on x5000 it is, but let's see).

The easy way to monitor how much of GPU data is taken while example works, is to use zzd10h's Sysmon v6.3 from Z-Tools , and with hitting "auto-refresh" button in the System/system tab. That how it looks like:

(press open in new tab for fullsize)
Resized Image

There i filled about 2GB of GPU memory on my new RadeonRX 570 (Polaris10), by doing "test 6000" (see field "Used GPU")

Remember, those tests only for 3.x version ! Only ! And ogles2.library should be installed together with warp3dnova.library, of course.

So when doing tests plz write back there with name of your hardware, graphics card and all results from those tests.

Thanks !

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