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Re: RadeonHD 3.x bug (?): more than ~256mb of used GPU (second chunk) memory cause a heavy lockup/crash.

Subject: Re: RadeonHD 3.x bug (?): more than ~256mb of used GPU (second chunk) memory cause a heavy lockup/crash.
by kas1e on 2019/9/28 15:53:51

So, another test which cost me 200$ : i buy RadeonRX 570 8gb , only to find out that there is NO LOCKUP when we pass 256mb barier of extendent GPU memory.

I even tried to put that amount of textures, which fill 512mb of GPU memory : still working. Then i tried to fill 1500mb (so 1.5gb) - all works. System still operate as intendent. Then 2gb all fine, 3gb all fine, 3.5gb all fine, then once i fill more than 3768 mb (so +256 of first system one = 4gb) , things got visually distored, but even then, there no lockup/crash.

Also while sysmon report that there is 8 gb of GPU memory, it still report that available memory only 4gb. But, that probably expected to be like this and not the problem by itself for RadeonRX

The main point now, is that passing of 256mb of extendend GPU video memory didn't crash/lockup on RadeonRX or any other amount of memory, even more than 4gb only make visuall distortion but no crashes/lockups. Issues with 256mb barier of GPU memory is happens only with RadeonHD.

Which mean, it is not x5000 problem, but of RadeonHD on x5000. Maybe there some bug which only happens to be on x5000 and X1000 users just lucky (maybe because they have DMA in graphics.library and that somehow shift issue, but that need to be checked on x1000).

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