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Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions

Subject: Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions
by broadblues on 2019/5/24 9:07:43



Don't use logfile.datatype,

Whether you use it is a matter of personal choice, datatypes are designed this way.


together with crashes

Well ideally the crashes need to be fixed, but actually are unlkely to hapen in the real world as nobody links to USB.log from aguide except when testing.


it just make scrolling of ascii files be veeery slow. Try to open ram:t/usb.log with multiviewer when logfile.datatype installed and scroll by mouse wheel.

Use the scroll bar or press the shift key!


Also i do not know what purpose of that logfile.datatype is : there is other datatypes in system which do same and well tested.

No there aren't. Not that I don't agree with you in a way I find viewing logs as plain text more useful.


And dunno who wrote it, so to make bugreports which not only will collect dust in aeon's bugzilla, but being actually fixed.

Really this doesn't matter. make the bug reports anyway every develeope can see them in mantis , just as in the OS bugzilla.

I added the search functionalty, but I didn't write the original datatype. I think it was Frederik actually.

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