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Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions

Subject: Re: AmigaGuide/Multiview questions
by broadblues on 2019/5/19 11:12:58


The "link" and "/main" did the trick, thanks a bunch, also it doesn't like " in it's path.
But there is no info whatsoever given about that "link" part and the "/main" part either. AutoDocs are outdated :-/

Actually no they are right, you and (and I at first) didn't read them correctly. It could certainly be clearer.


@{<label> <command>}
Indicate a textual link point. Can be anywhere in a line.
Starting with 3.0, AmigaGuide can can link to graphics,
sounds, animations and other DataTypes.

Creates a link button in the document with the <label> as the displayed text. It executes <command> when clicked on.

command could be any of the REXX commands listed lower in the page.


@{"Click me" BEEP} beeps the screen

@{"chapter two" LINK Chapter2} internal link to node chapter2

@{"external" LINK someother.guide/main} link to the main node in an external guide

@{"other" LINK someotherguide.txt/chapter3 } link to node chapter3 in an external guide

@{"crash me" QUIT} does what it says in both multiview and multiviewer :-/

et cetera et cetera....

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